Aqua Jewel Leggings
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Aqua Jewel Leggings

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Floridas springs are such a huge part of my life and journey as a mermaid I felt compelled to to design these leggings right away. Composed of an actual underwater photo of the spring closest to my heart, Weeki Wachee, the only city of live mermaids.

There is no place on earth quite like Weeki Wachee. The spring itself is one of the most beautiful and mysterious of them all. So deep the bottom has never been found, so beautiful people come from all over the world to see it. And to enchant you further, this natural wonder is where mermaids dwell. Swimming 20ft below the surface mermaids have been swimming here my entire life and this was possibly the foundation of a life long obsession with mermaids. I remember once when I was little, I got to meet one of the mermaids! A magical experience for any little girl. I was so overwhelmed with excitement I accidentally stepped on her shiny pink tail...I instantly felt embarrassed as if Id stepped on her toe! I truly believed and how could I not? I just watched her dance effortlessly below the water from their actual Underwater theater. 

These are so special to me, being able to look down and day dream I’m swimming in a paradise on a perfect summer evening brightens any day.

• Fabric is 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Four-way stretch
• Elastic waistband
• Imported fabric that's cut, sewn, and printed in California

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