Mermaid Tails

Merbella Studios is dedicated to creating unique ,one of a kind designs, We do not duplicate previous designs. Our mission is to create one of a kind tails, personal to their owners. We always do anything necessary to make sure it is exactly what our client was hoping for. We are never sure how long this process can take but we are always happy to do it. This is why we do not accept every order and this is why we are so selective of what orders we take. If you just want a tail quickly we are not the company for you.  If you want a beautiful, truly unique tail and can appreciate and understand all of the above then you might be a dream Merbella and we can’t wait to meet you<3
Tail Design and Pricing
We do take very LIMITED tail orders.
Here is a breakdown of pricing and Add-ons
Full silicone tails start at $4200 and come with a Finis Competitor monofin.
  • Tail is custom made to your provided measurements.
  • Iincludes a competitor monofin built into the tail for excellent speed and ease in the water.
  • Tail includes your custom color design. We do not charge extra for colors.
  • Molded silicone fluke. 6 to choose from!
  • Rounded,Merbella, or Tarpon scales.
  • Tails generally weigh between 20-30lbs on land but are weightless in the water.
  • NEW! Drainage system installed into the fluke
*All tails are painted with a custom paint we mix. Generally all very vibrant pearlescent/metallic colors for a very realistic shimmery look.
*All tails can be used in fresh, salt or chlorinated water.
After payment is recieved we will accept your measurements and continue to discuss your tail design.
We are only able to accept payment in full minus shipping cost. We ask for the shipping cost once you have received pictures of your completed tail. Each tail is different and this is the best way for me to give you the most accurate shipping cost.
How to order
But we are always accepting emails.
Here is some information to create the best email to send us.
Before you order:
Make sure you have the funds available.  Collect or make any images that will help us create your tail, like color palletes,images, or reference photos. Decide if you want any fins and where. If you do not know any of this information. We can design a tail from scratch, just for you. All you need to do is send us some images of yourself, along with a description of yourself, your likes and favorites, and some hobbies or activities you enjoy etc. We can design a tail that will fit your personality.
Sending the perfect email:
Please title your email "READY TO ORDER" and try to include as much information about your order in your email.
Heres an example of a perfect email.  "Hello, my name is BLANK.  I am interested in placing an order. I have funds available and I'm ready to pay. I also have a design drawn out for you to use as reference for colors, etc. Please email me and let me know if you are available for taking orders.Thank you for your consideration."
When you are ready email Tyler at
If you do NOT receive a response, we may not be able to take your order at that time. Feel free to resend your email at a later date.