Mermaid Tail FAQ

1. How much are your tails?

  • Our tails start at $4200. Shipping not included. 

2. Do you accept ____ for payment?

  • We only accept Paypal for payment.

3. How do I order a tail?

  • All orders are placed via email.Please read this ENTIRE FAQ  
  • When you are ready email Tyler at

4. Do you Accept Payment Plans?
  • We do not offer payment plans for first time costumers.
  • We now offer Half and Half Payments for returning tail customers.

5. Whats the production time?

  • Current production time is over 2 years. Please email for the most accurate and up to date production time. We do work very hard to get orders completed as quickly as possible, but this is Art and we are more concerned with making sure you receive the BEST possible product even if it takes a little longer. 

6. Is there a rush option?

  • Yes, for an additional $1000 we can rush your order if you need to be bumped to the front of the line and shorten your wait time. A rush fee will be applied to any order with a Deadline. (Subject to availability)

7. How much is shipping?

  • Shipping price varies on your order and location. We cannot determine this until your order is Boxed and weighed. General shipping prices are $200 for USA clients, $400 for European Clients and $900 for Australian Clients.

8. Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, we ship all over the world.

9. I've emailed you  several times with no response, whats the deal?

  • We do get a lot of emails. If you have a question that is NOT answered here in the FAQ Please title your email "QUESTION"
  • When you are ready to place your order, please title your email "READY TO ORDER". 
  • If you do NOT receive a response, we may not be able to take your order at that time. Feel free to resend your email in the future.

10. Are your tails swimmable?

  • All of our tails are made for swimming. Our tails are made to swim in freshwater, saltwater, and chlorinated. 
  • *Disclaimer: Our tails are meant for experienced mermaids.Tails are to be used at your own risk.
11. If i damage my tail, can it be fixed?
  • We will send you a Tail Care Sheet that outlines proper Tail Care habits to help prevent damage. But we can fix most issues (scraps, tears, knicks, rips, holes etc.)

12. Do you do custom flukes?

  • Absolutely! There is an additional fee. Depending on how complicated your sculpture is, how big it will need to be and how long it will take to sculpt will determine the price. generally between $600-$800 Custom fluke sculptures cannot be exclusive.

13. Will you duplicate designs?

  •  We WILL try to engourage you to alter the design to something unique. We will not duplicate designs.
14. Glow in the Dark or UV blacklight reactive option? 
  • We can add UV reactive pigments. Pricing is $75-$200 Depending on design
15. What is the drainage system?
  • There is a drainage system built into the fluke of the tail. I allows water to move out of the tail during swimming and prevents the fluke from filling with water upon exiting.
16. What is the Blended Waist Upgrade and how much is it?
  • The blended waist is a translusent effect added to the top of the tail for a seamless transition between scales and skin. Looks amazing in photos and is highly recommended. The Blended Waist Upgrade is an additional $150

17. Glitter!?

  • YES!  Glitter top coat is $75 extra. We can also add this to scale bras as well for $10 extra.  

18. Do you make Kids tails?

  • Not it this time.

19. Do you rent adult tails? 

  • Not at this time 

20. Do you have used tails for sale?

  • Occasionally we do have used tails for sale, we post them on the page when we have them.

21. Do you need any mermaid models?

  • Currently we like to use our clients to advertise our products. We do occasionally need extra models for photo/video projects so if you are local and would like to send us your portfolio you can email us at  also you can keep an eye on our page for any casting calls in the future.


Product Wait Times and Email Response Times FAQ

At Merbellas Studios Inc, we pride ourselves in creating unique and amazing mermaid products. From tails to tops, accessories and more,our creations are inspired by the sea. We get frequent emails and messages with questions, which is why we have this FAQ

 In regards to tails, our current wait time is over 2 years . Depending on a variety of reasons, your tail may be created sooner or later than this. Here are some of the common factors that may influence your wait time:


·       Curing times and weather. Silicone takes a certain amount of time and the right environmental conditions to cure, so does each layer of paint. Silicone won’t cure in cold or humid weather, or during rainy weather. It also can’t cure around certain substances (like latex). If Florida is hit with hurricane type weather, prolonged rain, or unseasonably cold temperatures, these things will affect how long you’ll have to wait for your tail.

·       Materials. Very rarely, suppliers for the products will run short and back order, often without notice. This has happened to many tail makers in the past, especially when it comes to monofins. Merbellas Studios will strive to make this information available to clients-but often it is not made available to us. We stock up to avoid it happening, but sometimes it can’t be helped.


·       Because of how frequently we use our molds, we often need to make brand new onesand test them to replace the old ones. This is to insure that all tails are held to our high standard.

·       Complicated painting schemes may take longer than basic painting schemes, especially if we need to email back and forth with you to get you to approve the design a number of times. You can help this by making sure you know your design ahead of time. 

·       Similarly, if you change your mind about your design during the construction process, this will delay your tail. 

·       Occasionally people lose weight, gain weight, or realize they have done their measurements wrong. Sometimes this is an easy fix,other times we need to make a whole new tail. This can delay your wait time. 


·       Merbellas Mermaids perform several times a year in a variety of locations. During performance prep time, performing time, and tear down/travel time, we are unable to work on tails or communicate with clients on a routine basis. We will alert you if we’re travelling via our Facebook Page. 

·       Your tail may be delayed if you fail to pay the full amount. If you send us an email saying “ready to pay” and give us all your info, but then do not pay or respond to our invoice, we will not start your tail until you have paid. 

·       Likewise, the same thing can happen if you do not pay us for your shipping. We are working on better methods for shipping, at the time it can be difficult to give you an accurate estimate before construction of your tail, as each tail is individual and tails are travelling all over the world. If your shipping costs more than was expected, we appreciate your understanding and quick reimbursement to ensure your tail arrives on time. 

·       If you are an international client, please take into consideration customs wait times. Customs are legally allowed to retain your tail for up to 6 weeks. They very rarely do this, but Merbellas is in noway responsible for US customs or the customs of your country. You may be charged associated customs fees as well for importing of a product. 

In terms of accessories, tops, and other mermaid items:

·       For all silicone tops- the same information above applies.

·       For shell tops, occasionally we may be waiting for a new shipment of materials. Shell tops are VERY time consuming and intricate work. Especially if they are custom. 

·       If you commission a custom top through Etsy,your wait time will be delayed if you do not pay when your top is ready. 

·       It affects EVERYONE’S wait time, If you commission something, and then do not follow through on payment upon completion. We end up spending time on tops that never get paid for, and it takes us longer to get to the tops and accessories that clients ARE paying for.

At Merbellas Studios Inc, we know you're excited to begin life as a professional mermaid. However, as you've seen a variety of things may delay your tail. It's our strong recommendation that if you do plan on taking mermaid bookings, that you don't start until you receive your tail. We cannot accept responsibilities for missed booking opportunities.

At Merbellas Studios Inc, we appreciate your understanding when it comes to wait times. We work very hard to make tails that live up to our client’s dreams and expectations. Our first priority is to ensure that you can bring out your inner mer with a tail customized to your vision. Thanks for your considerations and business! We look forward to working with you.