Real Starfish with Faceted Chalcedony and Dendritic Limestone Cabochon
Merbella Studios

Real Starfish with Faceted Chalcedony and Dendritic Limestone Cabochon

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This is a real starfish with a faceted Chalcedony cabochon in the center and a Dendritic Limestone Cabochon. The electrofoming process has captured the details and imperfection of the starfish, while sealing the starfish forever in a protective layer of copper. Designed by Mermaid Raven, then electroformed in pure copper and hand oxidized for a beautiful aged look.


  • 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide.
  • Comes with 20 inch copper chain with Amazonite Beads
  • One of a kind, hand made by Mermaid Raven. 
  • Pure Copper electroformed and oxidized by hand.


Chalcedony is the cryptocrystalline form of quartz that forms in a wide variety of shapes and colors. There are many different forms of chalcedony, but they are generally referred to by subcategories. Typically only the blue, and in many cases lavender or periwinkle blue shades of chalcedony are referred to as real Chalcedony.The name chalcedony is believed to have been derived from the ancient port of Klakedon in Asia Minor (modern Turkey), where some of the earliest deposits are thought to have been unearthed.

Dendritic Limestone contain fernlike patterns that are actually not plants at all, but the result of a branching pattern of mineral deposits called dendrites. Dendrite mineral crystal forms are often mistaken for fossils. These pseudofossils form as naturally occurring fissures in the rock are filled by percolating mineral solutions. They form when water rich in manganese and iron flows along fractures and bedding planes between layers of limestone and other rock types, depositing dendritic crystals as the solution flows through.

 Amazonite Named after the Amazon River and now mined in many locations, Amazonite has a unique blue/green color surprisingly attributed to trace amounts of lead. This stone is also a member of the moonstone family, which is identified by its shimmering effect in the light.


Jewelry Care
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SAFETY/ALLERGY **All of our Jewelry is Nickel-Free**
Copper is a low-allergic metal and should cause no harm during contact with your skin. If you have had copper allergic reactions in the past, avoid copper jewelry.  If you have any concerns about your health and wearing copper, consult your doctor.

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