Merbella Silicone Scale Cuff "Coral Fixation"
Merbella Studios

Merbella Silicone Scale Cuff "Coral Fixation"

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Coral Fixation
These are a Coral Pink shimmer tipped with an iridescent pearl
Show Off Your Scales
 Whether you wear one to accessorize your mermaid character or add them to your everyday mermaid outfit, the scale cuffs are super comfy to wear on land as well as being completely swimmable in salt, chlorine, and fresh water. They are the perfect way to show off the look and feel of your scales to anyone. Made just like our mermaid tails using Dragonskin Silicone and backed with a smooth, super stretch material for comfort and moisture control.
•Stretches over your hand
•Comfortably fits wrist size of 5"- 8"
•Price is for a single cuff
•Made by hand, by us, at Merbella Studios. 
**This Item Is Not Customizable**

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