Electroformed Jewelry

        I have always had a passion for jewelry making. As long as I can remember I've made a lot of my own jewelry. In elementary school I used to make beaded hair clips and sell them to my classmates at lunchtime for 50cents, only so I could buy more beads and supplies for myself (ok, and extra cookies). This started my life long obsession with making jewelry. Honestly, it is probably what started me on the path to supporting myself with my own two hands. Something I’m very passionate about. 

         I am a shy and introverted personality so I love when jewelry can become my ice breaker. I love when I wear something eye catching and get compliments and questions. It just seams easier to talk about a piece of art, and it makes me feel more connected to the interaction. I love to compliment and ask about other pieces I see out in the world.  There’s just something so thrilling when you see someone with a statement piece of jewelry. Something handmade. Something totally unique. You know them when you see them, even if you’re not sure why. They’re just different and they stand out in the best way. I'm always drawn to those people and pieces. A few years ago I stumbled upon a interesting process called Electroforming. It was love at first sight! I needed to know more, so Tyler and I spent the next few years learning as much as we could about the technique. I was so drawn to the amazing copper textures and all the beautiful stones that are used.


          We learned that Electroforming is a fickle beast with many variables that determine how each piece will come out. After a lot of patience, anxiety, learning, trial and error, and a few losses, we were finally starting to get the hang of it! Our first success was a little barnacled scallop shell I collected myself. The copper brought out every texture and beautiful imperfection the shell had to offer, not only magnifying its most beautiful aspects but also preserving it safely in pure copper, forever! Thus began months of copper plating everything in sight. We practiced different patina techniques, tried several sealants, hunted the perfect shells and crystal supplies, all while ruminating on designs to try next! 

           I became very drawn to the different minerals, especially raw crystals. I loved the look and feel of the unpolished, less glamorous, stones. I feel connected to and almost related to the imperfect shells and stones. And I love the way the copper almost seams to celebrate these “imperfections”.  The copper itself reacts in many, sometimes mysterious ways. All of this contributes to each pieces individual energy... and Im all about it.

 So What is Electroforming?

         Electroforming is a intricate electrochemical process that plates a layer of metal through electrodeposition. Layers of metal are deposited on a object in a long process that requires knowledge of chemistry and electronic sciences. First discovered in 1810 by Professor Moritz Von Jacobi, the exotic and costly process has been famously used by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Micheal Faraday in their works. The Electroforming process can take anywhere between 12-24 hours of work per piece, creating something completely unique and one of a kind.  Truly, It is the one of the closest things to real alchemy. Upon completion of the electrodeposition process, each piece is oxidized, polished, and sealed by hand.